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Gallery Shows


800 Gallery, Monmouth University, Long Branch, NJ, 2005
Reception - Solo Show

The Annexe Galleries, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2007

Art Alliance, Red Bank, NJ - 2005-2006

Art Forms, Red Bank, NJ, 1994 (20th Century Contemporary Art)

Bedford Gallery, Walnut Creek, California, 2007
Carnival Images and Video

Brookdale Community College (20th Annual Juried Art Show, NJ, 2006)

Central Missouri University Art Center– Greater Midwest Intl XI, 1993 Juried Show

Faculty Shows - Monmouth University, 2001 - 2006

Graduate Show – Art Alliance, NJ, July 2008
With Mil Wexler-Kobrinski

"HER" at "Flying Squirrel" in Rochester, New York
March 20th, 2010

4th - 2005
Lessedra Print Exhibition

5th - 2006
Lessedra Print Exhibition

6th -2007
Lessedra Print Exhibition

7th - 2008
Lessedra Print Exhibition

8th -2009
Lessedra Print Exhibition

9th -2010
Lessedra Print Exhibition

McKay Imaging Gallery, Red Bank, NJ, April 2006
Solo Show: "Life After Life"

(SCENE) Metrospace, East Lansing, MI, 2005
Carnival Images and Video

POWYS Gallery, Red Bank, NJ, 2004
Nature's Messages



The Annexe Galleries, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 2007

Border Crossings
Crossing Over: Looking from There to Here
Looking from Here to There

November 15-20, 2007
The Annexe Galleries, Lot 4.01, 2nd Floor, Central Market Annexe
Jalan Hang Kasturi, 50050 , Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Universe and Clouds



Hands up
Passing Through

In the last few years several people who are close to me have either gotten sick or died. This has left me with a deep desire to know what is beyond this mere existence of flesh and bones. With that in mind I have created a series of images to describe what I think that journey might be as one leaves the body. I have read several accounts written by people who have had out-of-body experiences. I am also drawn to certain artists like Turner who painted atmospheric conditions that give me the feeling of transformation and movement. His work is similar in some ways to mine. I work to pull the viewer through my images and into another dimension. This work will be ongoing and in transition as I continue to learn and explore the regions of the unknown.

Wooden Skeleton
Light Up

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