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800 Gallery, Monmouth University, 2005

Allentown Fair, PA

Art Alliance, 2008

Bedford Gallery, CA, 2007

Black Maria Film Festival, NJ, March 21, 2005
Pollak Theatre, Monmouth University

(SCENE) Metrospace, MI, 2005

The Shore Institute of The Contemporary Arts - 2/13, 2009

Two River Film Festival, NJ, 2005


800 Gallery, Monmouth University, 2005

Over the course of three weeks my carnival images hung in this large space on the university campus of Monmouth University.

Additionally the carnival documentary that I created was looping on a small monitor. The documentary was the first step toward many other works in an effort to help promote the "new carnival." A trailer of this documentary can be seen at this link.

I am planning to develop this piece for public television.

I have presented this work many times to several different demographical audiences. They are all listed at the links above.











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