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The inspiration for my book “Footprints,” which is shown below, came to me when I was walking on the beach on the islands of Barbuda and Nevis in the Caribbean. I was looking at the sand and all of the different footprints embedded in it. It occurred to me how each person is unique. As I continued to study these footprints, I saw them get washed away just as quickly as they had appeared. They were temporal; they were human. I was beginning to see a connection between my ideas on life and death and the series of work that I call Life After Life. Although none of the images from “Footprints” are included in any part of the still images or video that I created for the Life After Life series, I found it interesting that I was thinking about the same topic from a different perspective. I added short thoughts to the “Footprints” images to assemble my imagery into an artist’s book.

Footprints walk across the sand one foot after the other finding placement and position; leaving their mark. One moment they are made and the next moment they are gone. Like life the footprints in the sand come and they go.

The book shows a short-lived human existence from the vantage point of what we leave behind. In this case footprints. One foot after another footprints are left in the sand. Each of us with our own distinct mark pushes a brief memory into the sand and then in a short while they are gone just like our existence on this earth. The book is thoughtful and made to encourage the reader to think about life after we die.


A mark in the Sand
By Melanie Heinrich

Published July 6, 2007. Square 7" x 7" (18cm x 18cm). 34 color pages.

Available in hardcover for $30.95 USD.

Available in soft cover for $20.95 USD.

Please preview the 3 spreads below.

Please see the video of the same name at this link.

footprints 1



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