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800 Gallery, Monmouth University, 2005

Allentown Fair, PA

Art Alliance, 2008

Bedford Gallery, CA, 2007

Black Maria Film Festival, NJ, March 21, 2005
Pollak Theatre, Monmouth University

(SCENE) Metrospace, MI, 2005

The Shore Institute of The Contemporary Arts - 2/13, 2009

Two River Film Festival, NJ, 2005


Black Maria Film Festival, NJ, March 21, 2005
Pollak Theatre, Monmouth University

Documentary Film and Photographs
About the Documentary Film / Images in the Series

Black Maria4

Black Maria3

Left to right:
Melanie Heinrich, Chad Dell, John Cavalo, Bev Perterson

Behind the Colored Lights
by Melanie Heinrich

Long Branch, New Jersey
The filmmaker grew up spending most of her summers working in the carnival. Even though her dad was determined that none of his children would stay “carneys,” her sister is still in the life. Now a professional photographer, the filmmaker returns to the traveling carnival her sister now owns to take viewers on a poetic and evocative journey. (Filmmaker expected to attend.)


Black Maria2

The 25th Annual Black Maria Film & Video Festival will visit Monmouth University on Tuesday, March 21st, 7:30 - 9:30 pm in Pollak Theatre. The event is free and members of the general public are welcome. The Black Maria Festival is an international competition which takes pride in promoting work which is experimental and "fiercely independent." It is an Academy Award qualifying competition for shorter works. The annual collection contains 50 films and videos. The program which screens at Monmouth is comprised of approximately 90 minutes’ worth of shorter pieces. A representative from the Festival travels with the collection and will be on hand to answer questions and facilitate discussion as desired. This year's program also features Behind the Colored Lights, a documentary by Professor Melanie Heinrich, Department of Art and Design. She will be present to answer questions about her work. Attached is a list of the program with a brief description of each piece. For more information, contact Donna Dolphin in the Department of Communication at You may visit the Festival website at for more information. The Black Maria Film and Video Festival is sponsored at Monmouth University by the Department of Communication. This is the 16th Annual Festival at MU.

Black Maria award

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