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After graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology, I began working as a photographic illustrator. I was employed at the Eastman Kodak company for a few years and graduated to owning and operating my own studio in my loft-styled home. There I shot tabletop and other studio setups for annual reports, brochures, direct marketing publications, and more.

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As an illustrator in the studio, I used the tools of photography to communicate, using light, time exposures, multiple exposures, and object placement. Using dynamic vantage points such as perspective and repetitive lines leads the viewer through a photograph. Graphic elements strategically placed add interest and balance, which can be symmetrical or asymmetrical, to make the shot successful. A message in an image must have a voice.

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I have written two different books that describe how to take photographs in the commercial advertising field:
Studio Lighting - Describes specific setups for studio work
Photo Tips and Tricks - Is a basic beginners' book
I have also created an online learning experience for those who prefer Internet lessons.

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