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Channels are used in Photoshop to simplify and retain image integrity whenever any manipulation is done. I selected the most contrasty channel and duplicated it. I used a levels dialog box on that to increase the contrast. From that selection of black which was now the foreground, I made a mask on a new layer that was filled with color. The results are a clean cut around the silhouette with no halo.


Perfect mask from copied channel

Silhouette from detailed mask

A different sky was added here with the detailed mask

General selection mask with gradient background

General selection mask with yellow background

General selection mask with orange background

General selection mask used only with original color sky

Below are some actual examples of my work using the technique above.

The image merges below take me back to the idea of seeing something that is not visible to the naked eye. It seems to be a recurring interest and a desire to share for me. I simply can't help but think that there is more to life than flesh and bone; living dying and nothing else just doesn't settle in my heart. Coming back to earth is not satisfying, either. Working toward nirvana feels like an exercise in frustration! I need to believe in something that is kind, sweet, gentle, and good; something better than this life. Maybe that is why I want people to like my work: I want them to have hope beyond this life. As for traditional Christian theologies, I find most of them man-made control organizations. I do believe in God, but in a loving God who cares about and loves me. My thoughts and feelings go much deeper than that, but too much to add here. I think the doorway images below say what I feel about God, faith, and the spiritual life. The door and the outside are our world; what is beyond is peaceful and inviting; there is a sense of weightlessness. We are so heavy in these bodies. Some days I just want to go to another place away from my body where I am free from this habit of flesh. I have a feeling this makes sense to you. It is just a feeling, since you and I have never talked about this.

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