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Adding Fog


Changing Day to Night

Complicated Merging

Digital Depth-of-Field

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Digital Infrared


Merging Images

Making Smoke

Making Snow


Making Snow

1. Create a new file in Photoshop, grayscale mode, with a black background. Then fill a new layer with 50% gray.

2. Filter it with Noise>Add Noise (try 30)> Gaussian.

3. Group a Curves adjustment layer to the new layer and greatly increase its contrast by sliding the white point to the left and the black point to the right. You can further refine the contrast by adding additional points to brighten select spots and drop others out.

4. Turn the blending mode of the layer to Lighten.

5. Place the layer with its grouped adjustment layer in a new layer set.

6. Drag the snow layer set into any image you wish to add the effect to.

7. Make duplicate layers, rescale (Edit: Transform), and reposition them to simulate the recession of space.

8. Blur layers with varying degrees of intensity to simulate depth of field.

9. Filter layers with Motion Blur to add the impression of motion.

10. To reduce file size, after the effect has been finalized, merge the effect layers into a single layer.



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