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Dimensional Photography

Wisconsin Landscape

Leaves in the Midst

Glowing Leaves

Basic premise on seeing dimensions.

Other ideas relating to dimensional imagery seen as reflections

Dimensional Photography gives the illusion of depth using two dimensional images. I have been developing these ideas for the past four years. Traditionally the viewer of a two dimensional image sits on the surface. By layering objects and images the viewer is pulled behind the surface and into hidden dimensions.

Wisconsin Landscape

Light off

Close up, light off

Light on

Close up, light on

The original photograph was created by shooting twelve images and merging them together to make a panoramic image. This one image is printed in color and also in black and white with a filter. Both are printed on a film material with areas of see through capabilities. These two printed pieces are sandwiched together with a piece of Plexiglas between them.

This sandwich is set forward in a framed box. Inside the box is a evenly distributed light. Depending on the amount of light in the room each of these versions display a different experience with the lights on or off.

Leaves in the Midst

In addition to the imagery concept of dimensions I framed the piece with oak and outlined the corner miters with inlay banding.

This is a close up detail of the work to the left.

This piece consists of three layers. The top layer, a photograph of Fall leaves is printed on a sheet of film. The white areas do not print so they are clear and allow the image behind it to show through. The lighter the areas and more transparent the image. This image is repeated below the color image but is black and white. A piece of Plexiglas is sandwiched between the two pieces of film. The backing is a 1/4 inch piece of plywood that I painted shimmering gold. This helps reflect light and bounce it back through the front when light hits it.

Rice Paper and Leaves

Framed light box

Close up

Background rice paper with light pushed through

This piece is the smallest of all three and is basically made the same way with the exception of adding a yellow piece of rice paper. The rice paper adds texture and color to the overall piece. A light is set behind the rice paper and closed within the box.


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