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Photograms can be made in a number of different ways and by using any number of different materials. I became fascinated by the process while working in the black and white darkroom. I was teaching traditional black and white photography at a university and running the lab. My daily routine of running the lab led me to many experimental processes. Additionally I assigned the project to my students. They came up with the most interesting material selections to use.

I produced several black and white photograms using transparent materials placed on glass, like baby oil, lotion, and clear plastic wrap. Using a small pen light I exposed the paper to light at a 90 degree angle from the paper. (The intensity of the light and the distance of the light from the paper made a difference with the end print.) The transparent material on the glass refracted the light, casting interesting gray values onto the photo paper. I found these images to be rich with tonal details and contrast.

I created images as large as 16" x 20" and as small as 8" x 10" using this process. Those black and white photograms are all original images. Each creation changes because of all of the variables that are involved. I scanned several of these images and added color to them using Photoshop. I also hand painted several of these images.

Black and White - Before

Colorized - After




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