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Experimental work is the cornerstone of creation for the artist. When an artist first thinks of an idea, it is at its concept stage of life. Before the idea gives birth, it may go through many stages on its way to a final state. The process on its own has merit and should be considered an intricate function of the final piece. With that in mind, I include several ideas that may or may not have made it past my cutting floor.

Also see an abstract translation of Space

and Time Exposures

Life introduces all types of interesting things to us. Whether you are driving down the road and stop to take an image of something you find interesting or you are traveling to the other side of the world, all of these nuances can stimulate the artist to see and build new ideas. I typically record what I see. At a later date concepts developed into artistic expressions.

Below are some images that I have printed on rice paper, aluminum and canvas. The added texture is what interests me the most in this work.

Close ups of New Mexico windows on rice paper with a gold iridescent emulsion.
The first two images below are the same only the one on the left was scanned as a transparent image. The rice paper is very thin and has a translucent quality. The one on the right is scanned as a document and backed with a white material.

Abstract image ideas with gold iridescent emulsion.

Printing on Aluminum with pearl emulsion.

Printing Clouds on rice paper with clear emulsion and backed with white paper.

Paris building printed on Canvas

Printing on Clear film

More Rice paper printing here.

The Workshops / Tutorials section of this Web site holds several of the processes that I have used to achieve finished images using Photoshop. Those can be viewed by clicking here.


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