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Black and White Images

I first learned how to shoot and print black and white photography while I was studying at the Rochester Institute of Technology. While there, I learned about the chemistry of photography and how these chemicals worked together to produce the most beautiful images. Deep blacks and clean whites with strong grays made the image jump right off the paper. I always liked using glossy photo paper because it seemed to supply the best contrast, further enhancing the quality of the recorded image.

Having this basic knowledge helped me teach the black and white process as well as have a deep understanding of what was expected in a good black and white silver gelatin print. With that in mind, making good digital black and whites was an easy transition. All of the images below were shot using a Hasselblad medium format (2 and 1/4) film camera. Most of these images have been created using the traditional silver gelatin darkroom techniques including but not limited to the use of filters and special dodging and burning. They are all printed on glossy paper and approximately 20" x 20"

  • forest B&W solarize
  • ice storm b&w
  • ice-storm =-bw2
  • ice-storm-b&W
  • lake shore7
  • lake shore9
  • Main Stream
  • Maine Birtch close up
  • Maine Birtch trees ground
  • Maine Boulders and trees
  • Maine forest bare tree
  • Muir woods-b&w-2
  • Muir woodsbw&w-5
  • Muir-woods-b&w-8
  • trees1
  • trees3
  • trees16
  • tres4
  • Yosmite-b&w-1
  • Yosmite-B&w-13
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  • Yosmiteb&w-2
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