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Hand-Painted Images

This series of images began in 1990. The process behind the image is multifaceted.
These images were created with a 4-step process:

1. Shooting 2 1/4 and 4x5 black and white film with normal development
2. Hand painting on the negative using various color dyes
3. Processing in RA4 chemistry (traditional color darkroom printing process) using unusual color filtration combinations
4. Painting on the printed image using a variety of color products such as oil paint, acrylic paints, water color paints, magic marker, etc.

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Artist's Statement

Art is a personal expression; its definition will vary from artist to artist. This is okay but I believe there are fundamental principles that should apply. First is the meaning of expression; art should say something that is meaningful to both artist and viewer. It is idealistic to think that everyone will understand your work, but the attempt to communicate is necessary. Second, the artist should be experienced and learned in the medium. For me as a photographer this means to understand the technical side of my art. I have always told my students that when they learn the rules they will be more justified when they break them and create something new.

My hand-painted photographs began by accident and experimentation. While working in the darkroom one day I mistakenly converted the color filtration settings in the enlarger. This print result led me to think about burning with colored pieces of transparent gels. From there I added the colors directly to the negatives. Despite the destruction of the original negatives, I went ahead with the process. Destroying the negative was not only part of the process but also part of the meaning behind the work. Life is brought forth from death.

There are many colors in the visible light spectrum that our human eye is unable to see. They are like the spiritual world that we cannot see with our naked eye. I have a great interest in the world beyond our tangible and perishing existence. I believe it can be a beautiful and charismatic place. It is my hope that these images stir this interest in others. There is more than what we see with our naked eye during our brief time here on earth.

Melanie Heinrich


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