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Infrared Images

Within the digital field, many traditional art techniques are being mixed. I used a technique in the computer to turn these predominately green images into infrared images.

I have always been attracted to the infrared image due to its bright white rendition of tree leaves and grass. Green becomes white with this conversion. There is something crisp about the look and feel of the infrared. A ghostly glow appears around the highlight areas when this technique is used.

Images shot in the lush green rain forest of Puerto Rico gave me the perfect opportunity to digitally convert these color images into infrared images. Since infrared film responds to the green wavelengths of light, they appear white in the image. Traditional film shooting and processing are highly subject to light waves and require great care. Click here to see how to re-create this digital process.

I printed the images on inkjet watercolor paper to maintain the soft infrared look and feel. Three of these images were exhibited at the Lessedra Gallery's Print Exhibition in 2006 in Bulgaria. Click here to see details on the exhibit.


I also hand colored two of the images using colored pencils (see below).


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